Do you love singin?

In the shower, in a choir or on a stage or anywhere else, singing is great! And there is so much more you can learn. Even if you think you can’t sing at all, I’d gladly show you you can do it. And with the VocalFeedback® method it’s super easy and fun. Now how great would it be to just sing wel, while not having to think about anything anymore. When everything is just working out fine.


If you look at professional singers they make it look so easy. Now you too can learn how they do it with so much confidence. Of course you can take singing lessons. Or maybe you have already invested a lot of time and money in it, but you’re not making any progress. Singing lessons are expensive, often easily 40 to 60 dollars per hour. And you have to travel for it, whichs ads more time and money spent.


Fortunately, you live in the time you can do anything online! And often even better. How is that possible? Let me explain!

You are alone in it now, right? And if  you take singing lessons on your own… well, it’s less fun than sharing the experience. Online, you can be part of an active group of enthusiastic singers who support each other with good tips! That is so motivating and fun!


Vocal coach

If you just have singing lessons, you have to wait until the next lesson for feedback. What if you got an answer to what you are doing within a day? So that you can continue quickly? Tips from a professional singing coach and from your fellow students? That is possible with this course!


To enjoy

How cool would it be to also enjoy the progress of your fellow students? Really share your passion? If someone else experiences success, you will too. That is simply how people work.



Finding affordable singing lessons according to a modern proven method is quite difficult. A method such as VocalFeedback® for example. Previously, this method was only accessible with private lessons. Read on, because I am really going to amaze you!



How about not having to leave your home for your singing training? Follow everything via your PC, tablet or phone?


Live stream

In addition, there is a live broadcast every week. Some participants are invited to participate in a real singing coaching. This is streamed via the internet from the VocalFeedback studio.



If you register for this course, you will also receive the e-book version of the book “the essence of the voice”, immediately upon registration. A book with exactly the right information to quickly teach you how your voice works.



If you know what NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is, you also know that it is the most effective way to create change and growth. So NLP in a singing course… .that would be something! Well you can! That is even the basic learning method of this course.



Well, and then the price of most singing lessons … a good reason to drop out in advance, right? You’re not even sure if you think it’s worth it. Try it first then? Very recognizable…. Read on and let yourself be surprised. It can also be done differently. Not only much better, but also cheaper!


Don’t just take my word for it. More than 1800 participants preceded you!




I participate!

My name is Alfons Verreijt and I have a dream….

“I want to teach everyone to sing well, help people to gain self-confidence. I have been giving singing lessons, workshops and coaching at all levels for over 30 years, to beginners, advanced students, musical stars, rock singers, you name it. I gained my experience in my own singing studio, at many music schools and also as a singing coach for television (x-Factor, Popstars, So yo wanna be a popstar, etc). No existing method offered what I was looking for to make my dream come true. In 2009 I therefore published the book “the essence of the voice” containing my self-developed VocalFeedback® method. I added a very powerful teaching module, inspired by the techniques from NLP. I do this with a surprisingly intuitive and easy to understand system, without endless singing exercises and without sleep-inducing theory! And secretly, those NLP techniques also give you ways to feel better about yourself. So it is about much more than singing! I would like to invite you to take on this challenge with yourself. ”


Alfons Verreijt



– An online singing training of 6 months.

– A link to a new lesson in your mailbox every week for 22 weeks. A lesson consists of one simple instruction video with clear



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