Personal mission

Personal mission

For myself, i wanted an easier way of singing and a way to sing in any style, with the sound and technique that was required for that particular style. In CVT, I already discovered that this was possible. If only I had a better model of the voice, not excluding the classical way of singing. That model appeared to be much simpler than I ever could have imagined!

I asked myself:”what if…..I only look at the physiology of the vocal folds to determine the “register” or “vocal mode” I am using? How many possibilities are there really? This narrowed it down to only two! After discovering this, I was completely flabbergasted. I did not sleep well, the next days. My mind kept going in circles, thinking:”it can’t be that simple. And if so, why has no-one ever thought of this before?” I started to study exactly that, and reading some books from the 19th century that I found with Google, I found long forgotten vocal trainers with ideas very similar to mine. The only difference was, that these people did not posses the means to investigate whether the physiology worked like how they thought it did.
In this day and age, we do have the means, and I can finally confirm, more than 200 years after these books, these old trainers were right. And therefore, so was I!



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