Singing is so much easier to learn than has been told to all of us for so long. I will not rest until anyone who wants to sing better, can do so in a matter of weeks, using my method. I have never been a believer of teaching by the internet. I always thought one-on-one interaction is crucial. But lately, my ideas have changed. I developed a step by step protocol that, if followed correctly, can teach anyone what happens in the mind of a professional singer. There is no other method in the world that offers this protocol. Learning how to sing without taking lessons is now possible. Maybe it is not as comfortable as a “real” lesson, but it works. And it is much more affordable. So wherever you are, join this club and we get you through, you’ll get support from your peers all over the world. Now, how cool is that?”



Kerkenbos 1093

6546BB Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Phone: +31 629093295

Email: info@vocalfeedback.com


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