Ease of singing

Ease of singing

When you can only sing with one of two positions, singing becomes a lot easier. But that did not give a complete answer to my personal question:”can I learn to sing better?”. Now, if you want to learn to do something better, you can find it out for yourself. You can try to correct the “mistakes” you make and eventually grow, piece by piece. That is a long, long road, paved with frustration and self-doubt. Another way, a much shorter route, is this: find someone who is doing it better than you.
And mimic what he does. Imitate. Be a copy-cat. Now, the only thing to do now, is to find out, what happens in the mind of that singer who is “in the flow”. So I asked singers I admired. “how do you do it?” And I did not get any usable answer.

Why? Why is it so hard to say how you sing when you sing so well? It took me quite a while to figure that one out. And I did get a very good answer in the end. And, more than that, I discovered what was going on in the mind of anyone doing anything successfully, be it singing, baking a cake or living life itself. Read on, it will blow your mind!



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