Teaching has always been a passion for me. Even when I wasn’t attending conservatory yet, I already had some students. Why? As a teacher, you only have to be one lesson ahead of your student. If you know how to do something even slightly better than someone else, try to explain how you do that. In the process, you will learn everything you teach better for yourself. So if you want to learn something, start teaching it! Your students will expect you to be ahead. So you have an incentive to keep educating yourself.
Shortly after starting at the conservatory, I applied for a job as a writer for a professional music magazine in the Netherlands, called “Music Maker”. I started teaching on paper, back in 1994. I did that for 8 years. I worked for several other music magazines as well after that.
And in 2006, I started working as a vocal coach for Dutch television. I did “x- factor”, “Popstars” and “so you wanna be a popstar”. And in all circumstances, I wasn’t even sure I was up to the task. Still, I did it. I stretched out and grew into it. Just like my youth hero, Pippi Longstocking said:”I’ve never done it, so I think I can do it.”



Kerkenbos 1093

6546BB Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

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