About Me

About Me

Hello, i am Alfons.

“I was trained as a singer and vocal coach at the conservatories of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After only offering classical singing for centuries, in the 80ties, many conservatories in the Netherlands started teaching jazz and pop. This was still based upon the classical singing methods and the classical sound, but it still was better than offering no modern music at all. In my classes, I was trained to sound classical.

In my band workshops, however, a modern pop sound was required. This led to uncertainty and misconception. I needed skills that weren’t taught. After conservatory, I started a quest to find a better singing method. After discovering a new method that did it for me, I started noticing discrepancies. I decided I had to start from scratch and developed my own method. It took me several years and finally, in 2012, I published my first book in the Netherlands, “the essence of the voice”.



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Michael Stone

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Michael Stone


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